Starbucks’ WiFi goes Google

Starbucks dumps AT&T WiFi for Google.


Brad Evans July 31, 2013 Reply

Hmmmm… Will be interesting to see the difference. In the last 6 months or so Starbux WiFi has become dreadful – even when there are few or no other people with laptops around. Was thinking that maybe the store manager has “dreadfulness knob” that could be adjusted to send people who camp there as their office, on their way. But it could simply be AT&T throttling the feed to Starbux to dial-up modem speeds to save money.

Glad to see the change. Can’t be any worse…

Jen July 31, 2013 Reply

Yeah, I heard speeds were pretty bad. Thank goodness for unlimited data and tethering. :P

In related news, I can’t wait to see how Google Fiber is.

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