Storming Seattle and Geek Gift Ideas

Both literally and figuratively. Apparently there's been strong winds and of course, rain–knocking out power in much of the area. I was talking to my friend Jenny today and she said she had the day off because her company didn't have power. Flights are delayed. My friend Chuphoria was supposed to go up late night but she didn't get to go until tonight.

And yes, a bunch of us will be storming Seattle this weekend, including Jaime, for Enscriptchun's wedding. Congratulations to him and CC.  I'll be staying at Yee's house. (Thanks!)  Hopefully we won't have any travel troubles this weekend. Now what liquids can I pack…


Gotta buy a gift for a geek? How about getting a domain name or a Flickr Pro account? ;)

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  1. we were fortunate that we flew in after the storms, but the locals were definitely still dealing with the aftermath. hotels and restaurants downtown were packed because people had no where else to go. glad to be home now!

  2. HI! It was nice to meet ya as well, sorry we didn't get a chance to chat further. :]

    We shoot w/ Canon Mark IINs, w/ 15mm [fisheye], 28mm [f/1.8], 35mm L lens, 50mm [f/1.4], 85mm [f/1.8], 100mm, 70-200 L lens, 580EX flashes, Sandisk IV 8GB cards, and some other misc. gear I can't think of off the top of my head.

    Lemme know if you ever have any question[s]!

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