Strong to the End

I spent a large part of the weekend in the hospital and I cut my Chinese class last night because the family had a meeting with the doctor. I thought I would visit again tonight, but that would not be the case.

Gneen Gneen (my paternal grandmother) was strong to the end. Her body didn’t give up until about 12:30pm today. There was some miscommunication and I didn’t get the call until almost 3:30pm, at which point I left work to see her. All the other relatives had left the hospital by then. She was about to be moved out of the ICU, but my dad had asked them to wait for me. She was still faintly warm when I got there. My family was able to get in contact with our pastor this morning. He had been out of town, but came as soon as he heard. I was told that she went quietly just as the pastor was praying for her. I guess she wanted to wait for the benediction before she left.

My cousin Stephanie and I chatted a bit tonight and we’re a little bit more at peace now. We didn’t know what to think when her body’s there, but you know she’s not there. I’m wondering if the situation that occurred was just God’s way of letting me and my family down easy. Did he just give us a few extra days to process everything?