Sup foo

Man, on the commute home today, I spilled a drink right in between my legs. It was quite dangerous driving down the freeway trying to dry yourself with hundreds of napkins from your glove compartment. I just thought, oh man, it looks exactly like how it would look if I peed in my pants. Good thing I don’t live on a busy street where people might see me when I got out of my car. All I know is that when I walked back to my house, I walked with my legs all apart, like a cowboy who just got off the horse after a day’s ride.

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  1. beej…how did your drink get over there? man…too bad you don't wear baggy pants..or else you can just act like you didn't wear a, hope you ok..thank god it wasn't so hot that you got burned..well..hope you dry up soon..and sure hope your pants don't turn jk..well..take care big sister..don't drink and drive =)

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