Sweet Mercy

I love this picture of Baron dunking on Ivan Drago.


stepho May 12, 2007 Reply

dang it jennifer, this is the third time i've attempted to comment on this post. it better work this time. finally, i've realized that i could, even though i don't watch basketball…i think you should find a movie to watch. tomorrow's 5/13 so that catalogue you're reading right now next to me will be put into happy use. your place smells like tiger balm…

tiffo May 12, 2007 Reply

i know! now we get to eat spicy noodles & have an ulcer! btw tis the night for ice cream with tiffo.

Jry May 12, 2007 Reply


zhart124 May 12, 2007 Reply

it was the sweetest dunk ever…

i like how stephen jackson started wiping dust of baron davis' back afterwards, it cracked me up

some girl May 12, 2007 Reply

oh yeah, i liked that dust off too…

i'll be waiting for your moves on the court next month!

Hsin Feng May 24, 2007 Reply

Oh NICE pic!!!! I WAS THERE!!! we believeD

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