For anyone who knows me, shopping at fabric stores is NOT my thing. But I’m pretty easy-going so my crafty friend dragged me along to buy stuff for her latest project. First stop, Discount Fabrics on Irving. Surprising, but I actually found some black cloth from that leftover scrap bin (I think there’s a fancy word for it). I’m going to try to use it as a background or something.

Then we stopped off at Fabrix, where the prices were actually cheaper. The lady working at the time wasn’t actually the owner, but she said I could take pictures in the store so long as I didn’t photograph her. I had written her name on the store’s business card but then I lost it. I really should write this stuff down in my notebook instead. Here are two shots from inside the store.

Then we headed downtown to Britex Fabrics near Union Square. I didn’t know there was a fabric store there and boy is it fancy–at least the first floor is. I thoroughly enjoyed the wooden ladders and rolls of fabric along the wall organized by color, so I couldn’t help but ask if I can take a picture of it.

We didn’t buy anything there though because it was a little too expensive for us. Not that I was looking to buy more fabric anyways. See what happens when it’s too rainy and cold outdoors? I’m forced to take pictures indoors. Ha.