A Little Less Conversation

It’s a particularly insidious problem for fast-growing start-ups [or small businesses]. When you’re really small and you’re just starting out, you don’t have that many people, so keeping everyone in the loop on everything doesn’t really take that much time. But as you get bigger, the number of people who might potentially get involved in any particular discussion increases, and the amount of stuff you’re doing as a company increases, and the amount of time you can waste over-communicating becomes a serious problem.

A Little Less Conversation

5 Tips for Effective Delegation

From Ian’s Messy Desk:

Define the task and identify the outcome, not the process. The process that works for you may not work for others. Maybe you’ve been doing a job one way, because that’s how you were taught 20 years ago. When delegating, describe the successful outcome and let the person to find their best way to completion. Who knows, you might learn something from them.

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