The Day the Earth Shook

Today is the 100th anniversary of the great quake (check out the old-fashioned design on that site).

The earthquake hit San Francisco at 5:12:05 a.m. There were two shocks. The second one was stronger. It lasted 40 seconds, but in those seconds, energy equivalent to several nuclear bombs was released.

Some scientists say that the quake was about 30 times the energy released in the Loma Prieta quake of 1989.  Wow.  And I remember that one.

I keep saying I need to get my emergency kit together.  If a quake happened and phones and computers were down.  I wonder how I would get a hold of my family.  I wonder where we would meet.  At church?  Our church building has gone through seismic retrofitting, so the 4 stories should still be standing, right?  I hope it won’t end up as a pile of rubble on top of the social hall. 


If anyone happens to be shopping at the Embarcadero Center , check out the Peet’s Coffee there.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to leave my mark.  If for some sad, unfortunate reason you don’t live in this great city, here are some pictures: 

Peet's picture wall 

A close up… 

picture on the wall 

Yeah, I’m a coffee-lover. 


On a more healthy note, I was able to play some tennis today.  No, I didn’t see my buddy Peter out there today.  Maybe he just plays on the weekends.  The sun was out and the weather was warm enough for shorts.  Too bad my legs were as white as the snow I was sliding on last weekend.  Hey now, they’re coming out of hibernation so gimme a break.  My new favorite line: Love means nothing to me.  I’m a tennis player.  Ha!  Someone should make a sticker with that. 

Talk to me, Goose.

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