The happiest place on earth

I didn't really want to go to Disneyland this past weekend, but since it would have been difficul...

I didn’t really want to go to Disneyland this past weekend, but since it would have been difficult to go off on my own, I went along with everyone. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there, and I definitely don’t get that same feeling you do when you go as a kid. Actually, I think I realized that the happiest place on earth is way too happy (and way too pink) for me. Speaking of pink, the guys were the first ones in, and they chose the pink tea cup…ain’t that cute.

guys in pink tea cup

I did get a chance to ride the new Space Mountain. It’s a bit darker and supposedly faster, but I can’t tell. I just know it was frigid during the ride, and it didn’t help that I sat in front catching all the wind. Maybe that’s why I’m sick now. Anyhoo, for more pictures, visit the gallery. Sorry, it’s for friends and family only. But in the end, I had fun. Good to see Fantasmic again. I love the music and how all the sights and sounds were put together. Maybe Disneyland is too happy for me, but it did help me put my worries aside, even if it was just for a day.


Sunday morning, we ate at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles again. I’m drooling as I’m typing this. I don’t think I can ever eat healthily when I travel.


Elena and Garrick’s wedding was cute. Too bad we had to leave early to drive back up. We didn’t even get to stay for the cake or the slide show, but I guess that was ok since I got back up to the city at 3 in the morning and had work the next day. I’m too old to do this kinda stuff. Hmm, is that the reason why I’m sick. Maybe it’s everything added together.


Andrew September 28, 2005 Reply

Hmmmm…It's been awhile since I've been to Disneyland. But I don't remember it looking quite that pink. Did someone spill some Pepto-Bismol?


penguingolfer89 September 28, 2005 Reply

Yeah, definitely not the same feeling as a kid. I miss going as a kid you don't have as much fun.

Cute pink cup with the guys! Haha.

I'm not the only one who likes the music for Fantasmic I video taped it for the music.

I totally don't eat healthy when I travel, I eat anything and everything I can! Haha

Hope ya feel/get better soon!

beej September 29, 2005 Reply

Hehe…maybe it was just me or the fact that we spent a lot of time in Fantasyland.

penguingolfer89 September 30, 2005 Reply

Fantasyland I use to like when I was younger, I don't like Fantasyland anymore.

Very pink and bright there…so kiddy.

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