The Holidays are Here

Anyone buy anything on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? 

My family watched a lot of football over Thanksgiving.  Out of all the sports, I think football is the only one I don't mind watching, no matter what team is playing.  Then I came across the weirdest high school football game.

Too bad we didn't have time for a Turkey Bowl this year at our church.  We could have used the Jones Soda Holiday and Desser Pack 2006 for punishment. It includes Turkey and Gravy soda, Sweet Potato Soda, Dinner Roll Soda, Pea Soda, Antacid Flavored Soda and dessert flavors like Cherry Pie, Banana Cream Pie, Key Lime Pie, Apple Pie, Blueberry Pie.  My friend Stan would want some, if he doesn't have it already.

So at work, we've been trying to put together some promotional materials for our programs.  We were looking for pictures that showed diversity.  So my coworker sent me a picture of what he called "White people in China." 


I can't believe it's almost December.  JVC is coming out with some new dual-mode noise canceling headphones.  Apparently, they have two different modes for filtering out ambient sound. The short of it is that there's a "wide" and "low" mode, with the former being better suited to getting rid of a larger range of frequencies (such as those found in an airplane). The "low" mode, however, is best suited for a narrower and lower frequency ranger, such as bouncing around in that city bus on your way to work. Should be good for my plane rides. They're going on my wish list.


sacrod November 28, 2006 Reply

being how the Chinese conception of diversity is Chinese minorities, you can include anyone who isn't a Han Chinese. :). Use all the pics from the minority festival we went to! Except the white t-shirt water fight…

some girl November 28, 2006 Reply

nice. but we're trying to appeal to the U.S. population.

I totally forgot about that water event!

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