The Wild Blue Yonder

The Wild Blue Yonder

I had the opportunity to do my first family “photoshoot” EVER. I put it in quotes because I don’t think I really did anything other than push the shutter button. The parents, my colleagues, both happen to be photographers themselves. No pressure, right? It was definitely challenging to get everyone (Mom, Dad, 3 year old pictured above, and 2 month old infant) looking perfectly in the same frame. The parents were really gracious and I hope to continue to learn more from them. It was quite fun. Thanks again, Peichi and Dan!


Abraham November 24, 2009 Reply

ooo.. if the above pic is any indication.. i'm guessing they turned out great :)

Jen November 25, 2009 Reply

I think that might be 1 out of a couple hundred shots. Ha! Thanks Abe!

miss matthews November 27, 2009 Reply

hiii lady. i miss you. :)

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