Tiger wins his 4th Masters

Tiger wins 4th Masters Such an exciting final round! I was just talking with Benny and he said that was the first time he’s ever sat down to watch golf. And who said golf was boring?

I just wished people wouldn’t talk smack about golf, especially if they haven’t tried it for themselves. It is indeed a difficult game and it’s amazing how the pros can play so well. So you say it’s boring to watch, then don’t watch. But don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Yay, I get extra points in my fantasy league.

Update (Apr. 11, 9:00am): Jaffe Juice creates the next Nike commercial just by replaying one of the greatest shots I’ve ever seen. Check it out.

Update 2 (Apr. 11):
[21:06] morganiq: holy crap
[21:07] morganiq: what an amazing shot
[21:07] me: tell me about it
[21:07] morganiq: I thought it was going to just go right in
[21:07] morganiq: but it lingered
[21:07] morganiq: and almost stopped completely
[21:07] morganiq: amazing
[21:08] morganiq: that curve at the beginning was impressive enough
[21:08] me: yes it was
[21:09] me: unbelievable
[21:09] me: now you’re making me want to go watch it again


Benny April 10, 2005 Reply

Woo-hoo! I got my name mentioned on Jen's website!

penguingolfer89 April 11, 2005 Reply

Yeah! 4th Masters. Chris, tried so hard to keep up, he endured to the end, so close.

This is my first time this season, that I actually watched some golf. Golf ain't boring. Peo's need to play and see how tiring it really is. Heehe

Wa, sweet commerical!

wirjo April 12, 2005 Reply

Tiger pwned.

Talk to me, Goose.

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