To move or not to

To move or not to move?
I watched the last show of the Eco-challenge today. I was inspired to get back into biking. My bike has been sitting around, collecting dust. I played tennis a couple days ago and realized that I need to exercise more. I would, but there are so many excuses I can come up with not to- allergies, for one (no need to rub it in, cheeken). If I’m good, I’ll go to the park to do my exercises once a week, and that’s pushin it. Ah, forget it. I give up. Maybe I should sell my bike so I can pay for next year’s tuition. Any one wanna buy my Specialized? On second thought, I’ll just sell more stuff to get my dream car. Yes, all my guy friends who are into racing have influenced me. Oh, it also comes in black.

Side note: sorry, there haven’t been too many good deals lately. That, and if I look, I might want to buy!

Another side note: 3,000 hits? wowsers!

Talk to me, Goose.

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