Today, I had my first

Today, I had my first white elephant gift exchange of the season with the high schoolers. I think some of the guys found it awkward due to all the “girly” gifts. (There are only 2 guys in the group–only 1 when Dustin’s at school, poor Matt). The approximate cost of the gift was $5, so it wasn’t anything fancy. We also tried to keep it gender neutral. Obviously it didn’t work, seeing as how Matthew and Dusty kept having to steal Odie (from the Garfield cartoons) and little hamster dolls because there was nothing else. I came away with Dusty’s Costco brand toilet paper (plus $5 that was inserted in the middle of the roll). Practical and low key gifts, that’s what it’s all about. Not like this hello kitty laptop. My goodness. Who would spend the time to make that, and who, but Asians, would buy that???

Talk to me, Goose.

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