The great glory and strength of pluralism is that it compels the holder of any belief to measure its truthfulness against alternative interpretations. The great hazard of pluralism is the faulty deduction, in the name of tolerance, that all beliefs can be equally true. ~Deliver Us From Evil, Ravi Zacharias

Taken during a photowalk with Brad.


Brad January 5, 2010 Reply

That's great, Jen! I don't remember seeing that. Must have been along Market towards the Mission. I like how the people in the foreground appear to be contemplating the message held high. That was a great walk, encountering a lot of interesting people…

Christian Online Sch January 7, 2010 Reply

What an extraordinary photo. The eye is first drawn to the

giant word TRUTH. After a while, you notice the chap in the

foreground, standing, peering upwards at Truth.

Perhaps there's something in that for us all.


Greg Hsu January 9, 2010 Reply

great picture. great quote. talk about interaction between different [artistic] media/forms of communication. :D

Talk to me, Goose.

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