Tuesday Two: Aisle or Window?

Wondering if anyone’s reading this. If you are, please help a sister out. I will call this my Tuesday Two. Ok, so recently, I’ve been working on getting airfare for the students on my project. I do a fair bit of airplane travel for work and play and throughout the years, I’ve always had a dilemma– AISLE or WINDOW? What do you prefer?

Leave a comment and let me know why.


Dan Waite May 12, 2009 Reply

window so i can lean against window and sleep without people crawling on top of me. but then there's the issue of getting up to visit the loo – tradeoff of window is that you need to dehydrate yourself or develop strong bladder muscles…

Kurt May 12, 2009 Reply

Aisle. Every time.

First: because if I'm flying alone I prefer the freedom to get up at my ease. Esp. on long flights I want to get up for the bathroom and to walk around. If I'm leading a group I want to go see them all.

Second: I'm forgetful and invariably forget tons of stuff up in my bag in the overhead bin, so I have to get up over and over. I don't want to bug people.

Third: If I am flying with my family, I would be happy to have the window to cocoon in the corner — I wouldn't feel trapped because they're my family. However, when I fly with my wife she prefers the window so I get the aisle.

Finally, this is more minor, but I find that even when I'm on the window you can't really lean against the wall to sleep because the plane vibrations not only shake your head, but negate your noise canceling earphones.

deep May 12, 2009 Reply

aisle, because i'm tall. and then i can get up whenever i want without disturbing anyone. if you're with friends, you can get a whole row and have a row party :)

Elena May 12, 2009 Reply

window makes me feel less clostrophobic… but aisle seats are nice if you pee a lot! =)

cindy May 12, 2009 Reply

aisle. definitely aisle. not so cramped, you can stretch your legs, more freedom. what's with the window anyway? so you can see outside?…and see…a lot of blue? not worth it. and even if you don't go to the bathroom much, that one time of climbing over the other passengers is enough to kind of get the stink eye. go for the aisle.

面包超级人 May 12, 2009 Reply

I used to always like the window seat because it was slightly cooler to sit near the widow and that was refreshing on a hot stuffy window. Now I love the aisle seat, because it gives me the allusion that I have more space. You also get your food before the widow seat. You can get a better view of the screen by looking down the aisle. And the best part, if your flight has one of those screaming little toddlers who can sit still and insists on running up and down the aisle, you can conveniently stick your foot out and trip the little bastard.

On the down side, you are constantly being bumped by the drink cart when it goes up and down. But if you are quick enough, you can swipe a few bottles of Jonny Walker from the cart while the flight attendant apologizes.

abraham May 13, 2009 Reply

AISLE AISLE AISLE AISLE (I feel THAT strongly about it)

– UNLESS they're a light sleeper.

esp for a long trip like the project, you'll HAVE to go to the bathroom… and usually when i'm window.. when i wake up to pee.. the aisle person is usually sleeping when i'm awake.. that's a problem.

BUT if they can't go back to sleep after being woken by the forementioned window-er then window and sleep better. otherwise AISLE. PLUS you can run around the aisles when you're bored…

derek May 13, 2009 Reply

window seat! if you got your camera, whip it out to snap some while taking off, while you're flying over the sunset/sunrise, while you're about to land.

Sherry May 13, 2009 Reply

aisle! more space!!!!!

cindy c. May 13, 2009 Reply

definitely aisle for long trips b/c of freedom to move to the bathroom and whatnot… i learned that one the hard way last year going on the summer trip, haha. before that, i usually only ever had to fly ~1 hour between school and home, which is short enough to not have to pee and long enough to take a nap –> window seat for me (i fall asleep REALLY easily though) :)

Jen May 14, 2009 Reply

Wow, thanks for your comments, everyone! Seems like everyone here is fairly considerate of themselves and other people. I've heard of people taking the window seat because they don't want to be bothered by others and they don't really care if they're bothering others. "It's your fault you've taken the aisle."

Personally, I prefer the aisle because I like the ease of getting up.

joey March 9, 2010 Reply

aisle! psh what kinda question is that!?

Tam April 20, 2010 Reply

Aisle! More leg room that way, plus I usually get up several times during a long flight

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