Tuesday Two: Movies or Music?

Jaime was saying that she was a TV & movies person and that she doesn’t really listen to music. I, on the other hand, rarely watch movies, probably because I’ve had bad experiences from motion sickness. Yeah, I’m weaksauce. So I’m definitely a music person. So I’d like to find out what my readers (the few of you out there) are like.

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jaimeeeeeeee June 5, 2009 Reply

heys! i'm actually not a movie person either. i'm more of a tv grrl. dvd tv series grrl to be more exact. i'm all about the journey, not so much getting to a final destination. :) (though it's always good to see a finish line once in a while.)

lizzy July 17, 2009 Reply

i think movies and music move me equally..sometimes music more than movies, but i think that the real-life stuff that occurs in movies makes it also very moving.

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