U2 Ipod with Bose SoundDock

No, it’s not mine. It’s Steve and Oj’s. They splurged right before Nicholas was born. I just wanted to take pictures of it to prove that I touched it.
U2 ipod front

Sorry, the names aren’t too clear. I still need to learn how to take pictures better. It was hard to photograph because it was so reflective.
U2 ipod back

Here it is sitting in the Bose SoundDock:
U2 ipod with Bose SoundDock


sacrod April 2, 2005 Reply


Someday it will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine.

beej April 5, 2005 Reply

Yeah, I was a bit jealous. Oh, U2 is coming to Oakland in November.

sacrod April 8, 2005 Reply

Cool… I know they're in San Jose tomorrow and Sunday. Unfortunately, I won't be there :(

beej April 8, 2005 Reply

Yeah, those concerts were sold out long ago…:(

I have a friend who's going, but she's sitting behind them.

Benny April 10, 2005 Reply

Hey, it's okay. I represented you guys at the concert yesterday! U2 rocks!

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