We watched a video on

We watched a video on the killer at thurston high, or part of the video, in class. The topic for today was adolescent anti-social behaviors. The kid had exhibited many problem behaviors. Kid was getting into all different kinds of trouble. The parents did all they could, but was unable to help their son. Then he wanted a gun. Now if the parents said no, it would be like the forbidden fruit. Instead, they gave in and allowed him to have guns. Parenting…how do you know what’s the right thing to do?

The Bush administration wants to protect the individual’s right to bear arms. So now what? How do you tell if your adolescents are really in trouble or if it’s “just a phase”? Sometimes, you can’t tell, like the pipe bomb suspect.

On a lighter note, check out the making of some of the got milk? ads. I didn’t see all of them, plus I still don’t have sound, dangit… I really like the Cirque du Soleil one. Oh, and if you have extra time, see who I wish to be like. Wait, she’s a dancer. Forget it.

I was fiddling around with this page. I need some change, maybe a new layout? Sorry, no deals for now. I’m broke, so browsing around depresses me. Wow, haven’t posted this long of an entry in a while. I just finished a lot of work with a lot more to come. Will take a break now…a long, 6 hour break.

Talk to me, Goose.

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