Why nofollow is nogood and my Sunday summary

There's a great article on nofollow by IO ERROR. It's kinda long, but it's a good read. So I ins...

There’s a great article on nofollow by IO ERROR. It’s kinda long, but it’s a good read. So I installed the dofollow plugin. Which means when you leave comments on this site, it WILL boost your Google PageRank. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, then you will not be affected.

As for today, we gave our first final to the high school group. We spent this past school year studying the book of James. Since I LOVE Jeopardy, we gave the final in the form of a Jeopardy game. It was pretty neat since I had a little program that runs like a Jeopardy grid. The hard part was coming up with all the answers along with the corresponding categories. My co-leader and I spent 4 hours working on it. I hope the kids had fun while playing, but what I really want for them is for them remember what we learned and put it to use.

It was too nice of a day today to spend indoors, so I went out to play some tennis. This was only the second time I’ve played this year. I want to start playing again so I can get back into shape. You can gauge how much I’m playing by the contrasting skin tones divided by my horrid tan lines. I was so good last year “staying even” for all the weddings that I was in. No more.

I’m going to try to go Saturday mornings to play with some people I met at the park. Maybe that will give me reason to get a new racket. I just found a tennis store near one of the homes I work at so I’ll have to see if I can demo some rackets before I buy. Ok, I must be REALLY out of shape because all this typing is making my forearm cramp up.


nikkiana June 19, 2005 Reply

One of the first things I noticed after I implemented dofollow is that my incoming links via search engine went back up to what they were prior to nofollow being implemented in WordPress.

penguingolfer89 June 20, 2005 Reply

Jeopardy was fun! Very creative.

zhart124 June 22, 2005 Reply


Andrew Careaga June 23, 2005 Reply

Interesting…so I post a comment here, and my blog moves up the Google rankings? Sweet!


beej June 23, 2005 Reply

Thanks Penguingolfer. I had fun playing it with you guys.

Zhart, come back so we can play.

Hey Andrew and Nikkiana, good to hear from you guys again.

Andrew, to answer your question, yes. But I see that you added the rel="nofollow" in the comment link yourself. The plugin I installed removes rel="nofollow" in the comments. Nofollow STOPS google from boosting your pagerank. So if you want to increase your pagerank, people must link to you WITHOUT rel="nofollow."

penguingolfer89 June 23, 2005 Reply

Aww, you just want to play with Joey.

I want to play tennis, too! Boo…

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