Wow, I think this is

Wow, I think this is the longest it’s been since I last posted. Snowboarding was fun, but it could have been better if the weather had cooperated. It was snowing most of the time we were there so the snow was awesome, but we were all drenched by the end of the day. My car now smells like a damp cave–I need an air freshener.

I just got back from watching Lord of the Rings. I must say it was a pretty long movie and I fought hard to stay awake, mostly due to the fact that I haven’t had much sleep lately. The effects were more realistic than the Mummy. Too bad I never read the books. Maybe I would have gotten more out of the movie.

It’s officially New Year’s Eve. Hmm…what resolutions should we make for the upcoming year???

Talk to me, Goose.

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