Yahoo Mail Beta Easter Egg

Anyone else use Yahoo Mail Beta? Check out the easter egg: When composing a message just hit the Subject: button to cycle through a collection of random (often humorous) subject lines. A lot of real gems in here including:

* The brain has been polished professor.
* All your platypus are belong to us.
* I believe those were mouse droppings.
* The twins just turned 2 and 4 this month!
* How about never? Is never good for you?
* Care for a foam apple?


zhart124 March 16, 2007 Reply

are you serious…….. this is SOOOOO geeky

Penguingolfer89 March 16, 2007 Reply

This is so cool! I like this!

sacrod says this is March 16, 2007 Reply

woops… I meant to say that this is seriously the weirdest blog I've ever come across but it all went to my name instead.

some girl March 17, 2007 Reply

hahaha. this may be toooo geeky. We'll see how long I leave this up for.

zhart124 March 17, 2007 Reply

dang i finally found out how to get back to this post and comment again
this blog IS the weirdest blog ever, u weirdo

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