Tired of being tired

I've been so tired these past two weeks. Is it because I work really long hours during the week ...

I’ve been so tired these past two weeks. Is it because I work really long hours during the week or that I’ve been out of town on the weekends? I feel like I haven’t been home at all. Or maybe it’s because I switched to decaf coincidentally about two weeks ago. You’d think Peet’s is so strong that even the decaf should still have some effect, but I guess not. I definitely need to go back to the real stuff. I’m such a coffee fiend — someone get me something here.


It was good to hang out with Julia and Benny tonight. I’m glad we’ve kept in touch (kinda) after all these years and it sure helps when you have mutual friends. Julia made my day when she mentioned how she liked this site and that she learned a little bit more about me just by reading some of my entries. I wished more people would take advantage of this internet thing and use it as a tool to keep in touch or just to communicate in a different way. I guess that’s why things like Friendster was created. I actually hate those types of things. Personally, I like the freedom and creativity of websites so I can write my own thoughts or participate in a conversation through comments. Hmm, ya think?

Talking to Benny about golf made me realize how much I miss playing. I haven’t gone out all year. I can never play on the weekdays because I spend so much time at that wretched place that holds my paycheck hostage until I do what they ask. As for the weekends, Sundays are shot and I’d feel guilty if I spent 5 hours on Saturday doing anything but cleaning my house, doing laundry or bills, or planning for Sunday school. I’m such a homebody. Man, I need to get out more.


Team America: World Police is funny, but crude. Would you expect anything less from the creators of South Park? Satire on our political strategy. Cheesy line: “I promised not to die, but I’m already dead inside.” I love it.


Didya know that supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is in dictionary.com?


Julia October 1, 2005 Reply

what an honor to be mentioned on your site… haha. I browsed thru all your pics, and it looks like you have been really busy. Busy traveling! Benny gets so excited talking about golf. You made his day when you told him you would take me out to the driving range. Now he doesn't have to feel so guilty. hehe. I saw Team America too this week. No comments on that one.

btw, you have the cutest godson. Can I play with him?

Oh, and I discovered a really good alternative to coffee this week at Peet's. Due to the unusually warm weather, everyone was oredring this red ice tea drink, so I assumed it was the Hibiscus Breeze. I ordered that and it was soooo good and refreshing. yum…

beej October 4, 2005 Reply

Peet's is only good for one thing…COFFEE! Just kidding. I tried a Hibiscus drink in Seattle once. I thought it actually tasted a little like cranberry juice. If I can resist the coffee, I might give it a try next time I'm at Peet's, but only because you gave the recommendation.

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