What We Say vs. What Mom Hears

what we say vs. what mom hearsDoes anyone send e-cards anymore? I still love hoops&yoyo. Here’s one in honor of Mother’s Day this weekend: What we say vs. what mom hears. Click on the buttons on the left of the card to hear what we say. Then click on the buttons to the right of the card to hear what mom hears.

  • “Excuse me mother, can we get a little tasty something to eat when you get a moment?”
  • “Oh where’s my sweet mother?”
  • “Why yes, mother, we would love to clean our rooms!”

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Sweet Escapes

This is the time of the year when I track airfare prices to Asia. For flights within Asia, Ctrip.com usually has pretty good prices. I got this email from them today. I archived it so I can come back to it later, but something about the email seemed odd to me, but I couldn’t tell what it was. Then I went back to take a second look. Hmm…

Reminds me of the “Labor Promotion” that the Chinese calling card company they use at work sent to me.