A Google Birthday Surprise

I’ve been offline quite a bit these days, but I happened to jump on today. I didn’t realize Google does a personalized doodle for you on your birthday. Scared me for a second at first. It even said “Happy birthday, Jen” when my mouse hovered over it!

From the Google blog:

Because doodles are such a fun part of the search experience, we thought we’d share a fun little way Google will help celebrate your birthday. When you include your date of birth on your Google profile, you may notice a special treat on the Google homepage on your birthday (be sure to sign in). Click on the doodle for another birthday surprise!

Here are some quotes I like about getting old:

  • Growing old- better than the alternative: dying young.
  • Growing old is not for sissies.

Anyways, this birthday didn’t suck too badly. Nothing bad happened (yet!) as something usually does on or around my birthday.

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  1. from when to when are you down here?! would love to see you—but we’re actually heading up to santa clara for a wedding! i’ve also been miserably sick so i’m trying to get well so that we can still make the trip. :) let me know if you plan to hang out in the sgv/mpk area. even if it’s just to see ya for a couple hrs and give ya a hug, i would love to!! :)

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