America’s Best Dance Crew

Update (Mar. 24):

Jon’s away message: if jabbawockeez don’t win this thursday, america is stupid.
Me: ooh, i agree with you about the jabbawockeez
Jon: HECK YEA!! did you vote?
Me:haha…aileen and i had to…
Jon: vote some more.
like 10x a day.
do it online
do it!!
I’m gonna vote alot tonite also

I was hooked ever since I watched the first episode on board my Jet Blue flight to Boston. Now it’s down to the last 2 crews and the winner should be obvious, since Kaba Modern had to leave (What was America thinking?). Now it’s JabbaWockeeZ vs. Status Quo. How did Status Quo ever make it to the final two???? Unbelievable.

Aileen: Where’s my phone?
Me: Why?
Aileen: I need to text in my vote.

Go vote.

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christine March 24, 2008 Reply

ahhh… i can hear this convo in my head… =)


christine: aileen, wanna head home soon? jen's asleep and youre looking tired too..

aileen: No, its okay, i need to vote.

christine: (puzzled look) are you serious???

hahah lol.. man. you ladies. i miss y'all already

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