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Ok, I had to change my layout once again. Well, I guess I could have kept that reddish looking one, but Sacrod brought to my attention that the separator in that theme is a sacred symbol in Hinduism. What negligence on my part as a Christian blogger. Sacrod suggested that I use another symbol in place of the original, but I don’t really want to have anything to do with the entire theme any longer. It’s too bad, because I liked how it looked. Anyhoo, I’ll be using this layout for now until I have time to make something of my own.

By the way, Sacrod said she knew about this image because she taught a world religion class in the past. Ok, I don’t feel so dumb.


penguingolfer89 March 7, 2005 Reply

I think the layout looks cool.

sacrod March 7, 2005 Reply

hehe. And all this time I thought you were working towards the realization that your atman was one with your Brahman…

beej March 7, 2005 Reply

Penguingolfer, thanks. I'm still playing around with it.

Sacrod, lol. Hehe…yeah, I'm a closet Chinese Hindi.

beej March 8, 2005 Reply

Yay, Sacrod got a gravatar.

Hsin Feng March 9, 2005 Reply

You are a total geeky nerd!!! You better not delete this.

beej March 10, 2005 Reply

Hey man, I resemble that comment!

zhart124 March 10, 2005 Reply

haha half of ur comments r from u

penguingolfer89 March 10, 2005 Reply

um zhart she means that those words resemble her "nerdy and geeky" meaning she is nerdy and geeky

zhart124 May 7, 2006 Reply

i like ur old one better

btw the last comment wasn't from me, someone's using my name

zhart124 May 8, 2006 Reply

o wait nvm that comment was from me but it was for another post, how did it get here?

beej May 8, 2006 Reply

You put it there. Check the date.

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