Gmail invites and email stuff

Gmail invites
Ok, I’ve got 50 invites. Anyone want an account? Leave a comment. Check it out, you can even make your own graphic Gmail signature.

Gmail drive
Gmail drive is an extension for Windows Explorer that makes your Gmail account show up as a drive in My Computer. Now you can upload/download to and from your 1 Gig Gmail account easily. Caveat: each file has to be under 10 Megs. So no full backups of, unfortunately. Ah, well, it’s still a neat little program. How to use your Gmail account as a personal file server.

Thunderbird and Webmail
Yay, I finally got what I’ve been waiting so long for. I can now use thunderbird to access my hotmail and yahoo accounts using this webmail extension. They had some problems with the Yahoo module, but it’s fixed. Now I’ve got all my email in one place and I don’t have to visit all these different websites checking for mail. Always count on me to find the laziest ways to do things.

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penguingolfer89 March 5, 2005 Reply

Yeah I got 50 too! It was like 7 at one point, wasn't it?

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