British Stuffs

Ok, since I wrote a post about Asian stuffs, I will write some stuff about England, no Great Britain, the U.K or whatever it’s called.

Photo NOT taken by me.

First off, everyone should see The King’s Speech. I liked the arsty-fartsy camera visuals, NOT like Gaspar Noe’s movie Irreversible, which was just sickening, literally. The music caught my attention too. It was done by the same guy (Alexandre Desplat) who did other movies like Twilight and Harry Potter. I’m no movie critic and I don’t like to write. So just go see it. It’s good. Perhaps that is why it earned the most oscar nominations this year.


Fun fact: this famous poster features a slogan and the crown of King George VI (of whom the afore mentioned movie is about).
keep-calm-and-carry-on I always see this poster on design sites and it seems to have some historical significance.


I’ll leave with another rather fast-paced video. I love geography and maps, so this piqued my interest when I saw it.

Talk to me, Goose.

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