Photo-biking in China

I’ve spent the past 5 summers with students in China. I don’t shoot as much as I usually do because I feel like I’m “at work” and need to make sure the project is going well and that everyone’s doing well. That’s probably why I’ve posted very few pictures from China here on the blog.

Anyways, my colleague Dan (who’s a great photographer) did a good job of setting aside time to shoot. He found a migrant neighborhood across the railroad tracks from our school. By the way, our students were studying at one of the largest university campuses EVER, so traveling by bike was a must. In the states, people go on photo-walks. Here is my first ever photo-bike tour. Quite challenging trying to bike and shoot at the same time, I tell you–and over some unpaved roads too!

Entrance to our Narnia 2010. It led to an underpass beneath some railroad tracks.
Narnia 2010 gate

The tunnel/underpass to Narnia. The length of the crossing is like crossing from one subway platform to another. Try going through something like this after a torrential downpour. NOT pretty when biking through a foot of water and debris.
Tunnel to Narnia

This is me and my bike. Notice the green and black rubber horn. It made a sound similar to that of a circus clown’s bike. I used it a LOT — for both safety and entertainment purposes.
photo-biking in china

Check out the sidewalk BBQ with a customer sporting the Beijing bikini.

The following image should give you an idea how close I got to cars, trucks, and buses. Btw, that’s my colleague Dan biking in front of me.

I’m slowly going through my images now. We’ll see if I get around to posting more.

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Brad February 1, 2011 Reply

Nice Jen! Particularly your bikes-eye view. Post up some more for sure!

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