Ch-Ch-Change…change is good

Got back from LA yesterday, they started work on my kitchen finally, and my domain expired.

I don’t really have time to make a new layout right now, so I’ll just use the resources that are out there. We’ll see what I do with this site. It’s kind of generic right now, but oh well. Got too many other things to deal with.

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  1. ah… I see you used the Matrix template :) I was looking at that earlier too. Right now I'm too lazy to play around with templates. The one I have no is fine (although very plain!)

  2. BTW, I have a problem with my comment page getting an error message after you hit "post" (although, it does post). Any idea how to fix that?

  3. yeah, i'm using this template because i'm lazy and i dont have time to play around with my own design right now.

    as for the comment page error, i think it's a beigetower thing. mine used to be like that too. it has something to do with the apps folder where mt is located, not sure exactly what it is though.

    that's why i like to have my own installed version, i have complete control of every page of the script.

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