Venting about fatigue and busyness

I just got home today around 10 something. I missed the apprentice today so I’ll have to catch the repeat next Wednesday. I don’t know if I can handle 10 hour days working 1 on 1 with autistic kids. My back hurts from playing around with them. I think I still have fluid in my ears/sinuses, so my head still hurts and I think I’m kinda unbalance. I tripped twice goin up stairs (no, I’m usually not that clumsy). It’s barely 11pm. I’m going to go pass out in my bed now, which is weird because I usually don’t sleep before midnight.

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ro April 22, 2004 Reply

hi beejie! just caught up on your journal :) thanks again for joining us in la for our wedding! love ya lots! take it EASY, sis!!! you seriously need to veg!! may God be your strength and joy today :) love, ro

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