Check out this archery game.

Check out this archery game. Gotta play sports indoors on the computer instead of going outside cuz it’s getting hot again. I’m such a wimp. I want to get my own domain, but that will have to wait until I get a new job.

Oh, I found this cheap copy place right near Cal that charges 3.5 cents a copy. Sure beats going to Kinko’s. I love going to these independently owned and operated type stores, much more so than giving my money to already rich chain stores. I think service and quality is sometimes even better than those big name stores. But I don’t know if I, as a Christian, should be supporting a store named after a deity of Hinduism.

Site news: I’ve taken off the blogAmp/Tagboard poll. It’s somewhat irrelevant now that I don’t have my speakers hooked up, so I probably won’t be playing any music through the computer. Only 8 votes. I have to come up with a more exciting poll next time.

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RETNOM April 26, 2003 Reply

I see youYou visited my site, thanks

Talk to me, Goose.

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