I now know why Mr.

I now know why Mr. Miyagi used the wax on, wax off method. I guess I really never knew why he couldn’t just wax on the whole thing, then wax off afterwards. My arms are really sore. But if your arms aren’t sore, try playing a new version of Breakout.

I’ve only had my little office space at Cal for a little while, but I’ve learned that Cal is a dirty, dirty place. I don’t think anyone ever cleans the offices or stairwells there. I swear I had to wipe down the desk 3 times before it was decently clean. Does someone have any tips on how to clean office chairs? You can’t really wipe them down and I don’t have a vacuum readily availabe. It’s got all this dust and lint on it. It’s just plain filthy.

Here’s what’s on my desktop now. It’s Jack Vettriano’s “Dance Me to the End of Love.” I can stare at this for hours. Sorry Jet Li, you had your time.

Jack Vettriano's Dance Me to the End of Love

Ok, so maybe I am a bit girly and maybe I am a romantic at heart. Good thing no one knows.

Talk to me, Goose.

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