Consumerism turned to waste

I’ve been itching to buy stuff lately. Don’t know why, but I’ve been falling into the girl stereotype by keeping this long list of stuff I want. Understand that this is stuff I want, not need. Sometimes, I just buy stuff that I think is cool and then after a while, it just sits around taking up space. Kinda like the vest/jacket I bought because I was being a brand whore. I wore it a couple times, but nowadays, I rarely wear it because I never know when to wear it. If it’s too warm, then why wear it? If it’s too cold, the lack of sleeves does me no good.

I wonder what other things people have bought, used a couple times, and then they no longer use? How do you stop yourself from doing that and buying only things that you really need and will use? I always buy something, thinking that I’ll make use of it, but it never happens. I gotta stop all this shopping. You buy something, but do you really need it? How can you tell?

By the way, I did buy something that I needed, but I don’t like it. Apparently, it’s pretty powerful with 1875 watts, but when I turn it on high, I think I’ll go deaf because that thing is so loud. When I have it on low, it takes forever for my hair to dry because it’s really low. I’ll have to start using the earplugs I bought (one of the kids I work with is a screamer).


Seal in the snow

On the way down to LA last time, I bought a Seal CD that I’ve wanted for a while. I didn’t buy the one that I really wanted, but oh well. The album is great, but I don’t think I fully understand his lyrics, but I’ve always liked his music.

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  1. I've been doing a lot of list writing too, it's werid. I end up seeing things that I want so I write it down, then I usually never get it til like a couple months later. For me I buy shoes, sweatshirts, sunglasses, gadgets, and etc. That I totally never use anymore, I just have it because I thought it was so cool. But for awhile my thing was when I boughts stuff was "DO I REALLY NEED IT?" Apparently I haven't been buying as much.

    I now have one of my double door closets all stashed with all my shopping stuff.

    1/2 of the clothes I get I never wear. I sometimes feel like gosh, I just have to buy something.

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