Dark XP and Gmail

For everyone who has followed me on the internet all these years, they know that I have a dark side. I absolutely LOVE dark-themed websites, for some reason. All my websites have been dark, save my very first Blogger template. I even wrote about the switch from light to dark back in 2002. Too bad I didn’t post a screenshot. I use dark desktop/wallpapers on all my computers, even the one at work. For my personal computers, I’ve been using a dark theme called Royale Noir. It looks exactly like Royale, the blue default XP theme, only it’s, uh, dark.

Download Royale Noir Windows XP theme: [wpdm_file id=7]


  1. Extract files to “C:\windows\resources\themes\royale noir”
  2. Double click on “luna.msstyles”
  3. Select “Noir” from “Color Scheme”

Because this theme has been code-signed by Microsoft, No UXTheme.dll hack required.

More recently, I’ve been testing out a darkened version of Gmail. It requires the Stylish Firefox extension and the Gmail Redesigned user style by UneasySilence. Cool interface, eh? Has Gmail ever changed it’s look since it was launched?

Oh, and I’m also trying out the dark Google web search. I wonder how many people out there are into dark skins/themes.


terry April 3, 2008 Reply

i love this skin. u rockzors

Some Girl April 4, 2008 Reply

Terry, thanks. And to answer your question, you can go into the Stylish extension options and manage your styles there if you change your mind. You can always remove the extension as well if you don't plan to use any other styles.

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