Import Facebook Phone Numbers into Your Google Contacts

My coworker Kurt was asking about this so I’ll post it up here:

If you have Firefox and GreaseMonkey, then install this script.  Go to your Facebook Phonebook, then in your Firefox menu, go into Tools > GreaseMonkey > User Script Commands… > and you’ll see Export Facebook Phonebook. Extract the data, and then POST it to AddressBooker, which will then guide you through merging it into your Google Contacts.

Script by Brad.

Tree Style Tabs

I’ve been using a new Firefox extension called Tree Style Tabs. It’s great for widescreens because it takes all your tabs from the top of your browser and places it along the right or left side, saving a lot of vertical screen space. It took a little time to get used to.  Once in a while, I still find myself moving the mouse to the top to switch tabs, but it’s definitely growing on me!