Darkness into Light

In addition to Tony’s list, I watched a documentary on portrait and fashion photographer Richard Avedon called Darkness and Light. Here’s a quote from the video that really resonated with how I’ve been approaching photography:

What drives him is this deeper more profound genuine interest in the people that he’s seeking out, in the stories they have to tell, in the life experience they have. He’s interested…the world fascinates him.

The image above was taken in Chinatown, San Francisco, when I arrived way too early one morning.


Brad April 8, 2010 Reply

That's a beautiful photo. Love the subtle mix of shadows and light, evoking a smokey/moody feeling. While the receding stripes slowly guide your eye to the Transamerica building – the prize!

Awesome quote and approach to photography, too!

Wendy April 8, 2010 Reply

aww I miss home!

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