The Google ReaderAdvantage Program

OOOh, anyone who knows me (or who is a google contact of mine) will know that I’m a prolific Google Reader user. Look what I found today!

The Google ReaderAdvantageâ„¢ program is simple. You get one point for each item you read. The more you read, the more you get. Then you can trade in your points for cool stuff. And because we believe in a little friendly competition, there are four levels of ReaderAdvantageâ„¢ status:

  • Novice: 999 points
  • Gold: 25,000 points
  • Platinum: 133,700 points
  • Totally Sweet: 314,159 points

We considered inventing a secret ReaderAdvantageâ„¢ handshake, but instead we created embroidered badges to ensure that members can easily identify their compatriots.

Get your badge on

If you use Google Reader, there’s no reason not to join. Visit the ReaderAdvantageâ„¢ site to read all the details and enroll today. As always, please send us your thoughts and feedback in our forum or on Twitter.

Don’t forget to read the fine print:

  1. Subject to terms and conditions.
  2. Because it wouldn’t be a rewards program without them, blackout dates and restrictions apply.
  3. To earn points for offline reading, send in a photo of yourself reading the newspaper, comics, or tabloids, along with an itemized list of items read and we’ll credit the points to your account in 8-12 months. Items read on toilet will not be counted.
  4. Points expire on the 3rd fortnight after they are earned, unless the day lands on a Tuesday in which case points are converted to pseudo-points until the following full moon.
  5. Pseudo-points are worth 1/17th the value of regular points, and can only be redeemed by faxing Customer Support after 10:00am MST and before 10:24am PST, Monday-Tuesday.
  6. Clicking “Mark all as read” will not earn you any points. Nice try smarty-pants.*
  7. Google Reader reserves the right to revoke points for any reason including but not limited to: bad commenting etiquette, inclement weather, clogged internet tubes, and Sasquatch sightings.
  8. Google does not officially endorse the belief in the existence of Sasquatch (aka Big Foot, Yeti, Abominable Snowman), but we like to keep an open mind and hope you do too.
  9. Do not taunt or disrespect the ReaderAdvantageâ„¢ Program. We have feelings too.
  10. Any and all conflicts regarding the ReaderAdvantageâ„¢ Program will be settled with a live-streamed dance off.
  11. If you develop a rash as a result of using the ReaderAdvantageâ„¢ Program, stop using the ReaderAdvantageâ„¢ Program and seek immediate medical attention.
  12. This is seriously, absolutely, definitely not a joke.**
  13. We may decide this is a joke at any time.

*On the other hand, the Konami code will get you 30 points.

**Unless it is.

Talk to me, Goose.

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