End of Chapter

There are a lot of changes going on in my life right now (wow, sounds like puberty all over again). One area that is ending is my work with the youth group/high schoolers after 9 or so years. Here’s a picture of Joshua and his purple tie at his graduation earlier this month.

A Purple Tie Affair
A Purple Tie Affair

Here’s a compilation of some notes that I’ve gotten from them over the years and in a little album they presented to me last Sunday:

  • It has been great knowing you for so long, even when I was a baby. -Joshua
  • I am sad that you are leaving. You brought clarity and charisma to the group and to Jaime [my co-leader]. -Diane (I brought charisma to my co-leader? I think she has more energy than I do.)
  • …I’m sure you know this by now (since you are older and therefore, wiser). -Bailey (I’m not sure if being older necessarily equates being wiser…just more gray hairs)
  • Thank you for always sharing with me and talking to me even though you may be tired. -Wendy (I told you I’m low energy)
  • If you were our age, Sheldon, you and I would be best of friends/camera buddies. -Bob aka William

I’m gonna miss them kids. They make me laugh so much.

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