Watching the World Cup

Watching the World Cup

It’s been crazy non-stop here, as usual. They pack in so much in the schedule that I feel bad for the kids. Tonight was the first night we had some time off. We arrived on Sunday and it’s now Friday. Anyways, as we walked back on campus, we walked by this building where we heard people yelling/cheering. They were watching the Brazil/Netherlands game in 2 lecture halls (one on each side of the building). The cheering was crazy loud when Brazil scored. For some reason, the Chinese students really like the South American teams in general. Sorry, the shutter speed was kinda slow, but here’s one of the lecture halls:

Watching the World Cup

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  1. I think people cheer for the South American, African, and Asian teams because they're usually the underdogs (except for Brazil…). So tired of the World Cup being just the European clubs against each other in the final…


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