Eritrean food

Haven’t had this in a long time. No utensils. You use this spongy,sour flat bread to scoop up the meat and vegetables. We had a hard time with the chicken since it was pretty tough. My fingers turned a bit yellow from the sauce. You’re not supposed to eat with your left hand because that’s the hand that you wipe your… Hmm, but I’m right-handed, so should I not eat with my right hand because it is unclean? Some food for thought there…

My friend and I have decided that every time we hang out together, we are going to eat at some place new. Yay for food.

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  1. hey beej. how come your website looks all messed up? its weird. 1). I have to click on each blog to see it, and 2) it shows up below all your stuff, so I have to scroll down far to see it…

    any ideas?



  2. probably because you are using a lame browser like IE. Ha! Will be changing the layout soon anyways…I have ADD, remember?

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