My new favorite chips

My new favorite chips

I think I’ve found my new favorite chips.They’re called Ghost Pepper Potato Chips. I found them on the bottom shelf at Trader Joe’s. They sound spicy but they’re actually not that bad. Hot Cheetos are much more spicy. They do have a slight kick. They’re pretty crunchy (I’m assuming because they’re “kettle cooked.”) The lattice … Read More

$10 Lunch Credit (with Mobile App)

I was chatting with a friend yesterday and realized I should be more proactive about sharing my deals again. Desperate times call for desperate search for deals. Not sure if the code has been used up yet, but my friend said it still worked (as of 12:30am last night). Download GoPago at and enter the code DUKE to … Read More


I posted a picture of a “grilled cheese” at In-n-Out not long ago, but here’s some more In-n-Out news. Apparently, Texas will be getting their own In-N-Out’s soon because they’re opening up a new distribution center. Read how the guy photographed their secret menu. Here’s another post from today of a guide to In-N-Out’s secret … Read More