Events (September Edition)

What: Survivor: China premiere
When: Thursday, September 20, 8pm ET/PT
Where: CBS
Why: The show claims to be the first full American television series to be filmed entirely within China. I’ve read that many aspects of Chinese culture and history have been included in this season. Each contestant was supposed to receive a copy of The Art of War by Sun Tzu (which is excellent, by the way–I just finished the audio book earlier this year). The show supposedly had “unprecedented access” to several historical Chinese monuments, including a Shaolin Temple and the Great Wall.


What: PARK(ing) Day
When: Friday, September 21
Where: San Francisco and across the world
Why: It’s a one day event where people temporarily transform parking spaces into public parks.


What: Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节)
When: Tuesday, September 25
Where: Wherever there are Chinese people
Why: The mooncakes have landed! The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month each year. This is one of my favorite times of the year when I get to overdose on lard lotus seed paste.


What: Special Olympics
When: October 2-11
Where: Shanghai
Why: There was a lot of hype for this during the summer when I visited a home for the mentally disabled. This is China’s beta testing for the Olympics next year. The Special Olympics will start almost as soon as the FIFA Women’s World Cup ends. Nearly 7,500 athletes from more than 160 countries, 40,000 volunteers and 3,500 event officials will descend upon Shanghai and athletes will compete in 25 Olympic-type sports in venues all across the city. Oooh, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Colin Farrell, Yo Yo Ma and Zhang Ziyi will be there at the opening ceremony on October 2 at the Shanghai Stadium!


Oh, and happy talk like a pirate day.


Kurt September 20, 2007 Reply

Hey. Sorry I missed the pirate talking day on your site. I heard it was a real hit…

Make sure that you check out the site to pray for the Muslim world:


Kurt September 20, 2007 Reply

BTW, Shazam! my birthday is the same as this year's mid-autumn festival! just don't give me any more mooncakes–i've already got high enough cholesterol

penguingolfer89 September 20, 2007 Reply

I missing all the great events!!! I want moon cake!!! Man!

stepho September 21, 2007 Reply

hehhehhehe, you got a blackout during SURVIVOR!

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