Friends and Star Wars

So much on my mind lately. It hurts to be burned by people and jerked around time and time again.  I don’t know what to say or do about things like this any more. My brother thinks that I’m just too nice.  Many thanks to God for friends who have actually been demonstrating their care for me. I’m usually the one taking care of others.  I miss being cared for.

My main love language is Quality Time.  I’m not really into all that mushy-gushy stuff, but it’s neat to know about yourself and your friends.  So, anyone wanna go to an A’s game before I leave this summer?

Anyone else out there who has taken the test before? What’s your main love language? I haven’t had time to read the book, but does anyone know if your love language can change throughout the course of your life or does it stay constant? Hmm…


Look, it’s the trailer for the new TV show Star Wars: Clone Wars I know–I’m geeky. I’ve wanted to try Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy. Heard it’s supposed to be pretty good…for kids!


zhart124 May 28, 2007 Reply

im down for A's game

sacrod May 28, 2007 Reply

when are you leaving this summer? When's the A's game? If it's a good time and I can make it, I wouldn't mind going to a game!

robert May 29, 2007 Reply

My love language is a good cup of coffee

beej May 29, 2007 Reply

i'm leaving at the end of june.

$2 wednesdays with dollar dogs. i also have the pepsi cans for $4 weekday tickets. weekends would be full price. There's a fireworks show at this saturday night's game. Last time, they let you sit on the field to watch.

@Robert: i'm ready to be a good friend whenever you're free to come into town!

robert May 29, 2007 Reply

Baby J. Are you saying that you are not my good friend today? How sad am I?

not looking good for the bay area. so we will have to meet in the fragant harbour.

robert May 30, 2007 Reply

did you read this article? Im SURE that you have something to say about this.

ro June 2, 2007 Reply

hey beej, bummers to hear about being jerked around :( boo. hope those pees don't get to ya too much. i love ya! :)

some girl June 4, 2007 Reply

thanks, rona. wish I could see you guys more often!

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