Fun Day

I’m so full right now. Yeah, it’s almost 12 midnight and usually by now, the worms are calling for a snack. But we went to The House of Prime Rib yet again for dinner. Not too bad, but I think it tastes much better the way we make it at home.

Then I went to see a movie with the parental unit (plus Anthony). Weird. I don’t think I’ve ever gone to see a movie with them before. We watched Hero. Yeah, we could have probably rented it, but oh well, it was fun going out to see it.

Work has been a little slow these past few weeks. I’m glad I’m able to go out and enjoy a little bit. I haven’t written many entries lately (basically this entire year). But with the bit of free time I’ve had, I’ve upgraded to the newest version of Movabletype and even uploaded pictures to my photo album. By the way, I can’t wait for the snow season.

[Listening to: Frail – Jars Of Clay – Much Afraid (06:58)]


cheeken September 1, 2004 Reply

Hey Beej, Your photo album requires a login and password….where do we get those?

Also, how do you like MoveableType 3.0? Is it worth the upgrade?

beej September 3, 2004 Reply

Hey sweet cheeks,

Haven't used MT often enough to tell about the upgrades yet. But I figured, if it's newer, it must be better, no? I probably don't have time to use all the features anyways.

Talk to me, Goose.

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