First NFL game

Just got back from watching the Niners. It was pretty fun. We sat in a handicap seating area so we had lots of leg room. I gotta say that it was pretty low energy compared to what I imagine it would be like at a regular season game. What do I mean? Well, let me just say this: it was a weekday pre-season game against the Chargers. For the half-time show, we watched a bunch of dogs run around the field catching frisbees. No singing, no dancing, no Janet Jackson, just a guy in a red sequined suit throwing discs at the dogs. With about 45 seconds left to play in the 2nd quarter, all those cheerleader girls started walking off the field. I asked where they were going, don’t they have to dance or something? So yeah, I have some good pictures of us sitting there with empty seats all around. They look pretty funny. Even with a 31-15 loss, all in all, it was a fun experience. Too bad it wasn’t a Raider game. We would have won.


Nicole September 3, 2004 Reply

Hey… I was at last night's game too! I had a blast… Although, I wasn't in the handicap section!!

G-Unit September 3, 2004 Reply

Yeah it was a good game, I had lots of leg room on the couch…and it was all in front of me! Great action…9er's could have done better..I was yelling at the screen..haha

beej September 3, 2004 Reply

It was fun being at the game, although the game itself was quite boring, save for all the touchdowns that didn't count because of all the penalties…sheesh!

G-Unit September 3, 2004 Reply

Man I just learned a couple of minutes ago I could have been at the game too! My cuz had free tickets they were in the 70 buck area…Shessh. Oh wells..

beej September 3, 2004 Reply

Yeah, face value for our tickets were about that much, but we got them for free too. I don't know if I'd be willing to shell out that much for a game.

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