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That's right folks, I gotta put my tiny grill to use. Toasted some leftover buns from the bbq t...

That’s right folks, I gotta put my tiny grill to use. The 2 hotdogs look quite lonely there. Toasted some leftover buns from the bbq this weekend, slapped on some chili, tossed up a bowl of salad, and I was good to go. The grill fits a maximum of 9 chicken thighs (3×3). I’ve only used it twice (if you count bbq’ing 2 hotdogs as one use), but I think I already got my money’s worth. Plus, I think it’s already falling apart from the weight of the chicken the first time I used it. If you look closely, the rack doesn’t exactly fit on the grill. It fit when we first put it together, but after we fired it up last time, it must have been warped by the heat. So cheap.


For Jerry: a Pixar blog. Check out a bit of animated film history.


When I’m at my desk, I find myself writing notes or reminders on scratch paper all the time. I have a notepad nearby at all times, but I’ve found myself using post-it notes on my computer quite often now.


What a unique clock. I would have preferred the year on top and the seconds going by on the bottom.


Chris August 31, 2005 Reply

I swear I left a comment… am I being moderated? *sniff*

beej August 31, 2005 Reply

Hmm, I don't see anything in the moderation queue. The wp-hashcash plugin was giving me some problems though. People couldn't seem to type in the "name" field. I deactivated the plugin last night and it seems to be ok. If you don't mind, post again.

penguingolfer89 August 31, 2005 Reply

Yeah I posted a comment too…

Food…BBQ!! Yummers!

Yeah I love posting stickie notes right on my desktop, means no more paper wasting! Heeee. So easy to use! I use STICKIES instead of POST-IT'S.

Wendy August 31, 2005 Reply

I remember seeing the post-it notes on a picture you sent to me once. I loved the fact that they are just right there, they look really cute…but I only have one monitor.

Chris August 31, 2005 Reply

Hmm.. just noticed that a comment on another site was removed… even after it was posted and I saw it. Wonder if she is using hashcash as well?

Anywho.. just said that it almost appears from the picture that the grill is upside down.. could it be that the bars rest inside the BBQ shell?

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