The best trip EVAR…visiting first stores EVAR!

Here are some pictures of some of the flagship stores we visited:

Jaime talking on the phone in front of the first Starbucks ever:
Jaime on the phone in front of the first Starbucks ever!

Inside the first Starbucks with the “first Starbucks” monument:
inside the first starbucks

Jerry and Costco store #1 receipt:
Jerry and Costco store #1 receipt

Miranda and Sur La Table store #1 receipt:
Miranda and Sur La Table store #1 receipt

This picture was taken from the freeway. A “REI store #1” receipt was a little too expensive for us. Besides, I just gave them a huge chunk of money the week before:
the first REI ever

CC and Dustin inside the first Peet’s (in Seattle):
CC and Dustin inside the first Peet's (in Seattle)

This is just an extra picture that I wanted to include here. It’s Bruce Lee’s grave. Next to him is his son Brandon Lee’s grave.
Bruce Lee's grave

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  1. I'm surprised the Starbucks SWAT didn't come flying out of the rafters when you pulled out the camera in store. If I recall correctly, we were to press the big green panic button whenever we saw someone with one to let the EMP take out all electronic devices to ensure the protection of the brand (Starbucks corporate is that serious about cameras and unauthorized pictures).

  2. Haha….I didn't snap just one either. I took a couple just because the lighting wasn't right in the first few shots. If Starbucks is that strict about people taking pictures, they need to put up those warning signs, that way the store wouldn't have been as crowded. Anyways, it's all about Peet's.

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