Giraffe picture

Giraffe picture

This picture is perfect for the moment. I need to get my mind off things.


zhart124 November 7, 2006 Reply

what picture? i don't see it

penguingolfer89 November 8, 2006 Reply

It's so cute! I want a giraffe!

some girl November 8, 2006 Reply

zhart, try refreshing. it's temperamental.

zhart124 November 9, 2006 Reply

it's still not working

some girl November 9, 2006 Reply

ok, it's fixed. picture should show up fine now.

dansi :) April 16, 2009 Reply

what the its a giraffe in the window of an aroplane! i new that giraffes had long necks but surely they cant be that long!

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